Some Solutions Are Simple As They Are Complex

The Common Thread The Human Experience

"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane.”

-Martin Luther King Jr

My Mission

To decrease health inequities for the Black population inclusive of the most vulnerable being the elderly population and individuals with sickle cell disease. With the understanding, if we improve the health of the most vulnerable populations; we can improve the health of everyone.

About me

Currently Dr. Beverley is President of Mauvareen Beverley MD, PLLC., Patient Engagement and Cultural Competence Specialist. She’s a fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine, Member American Medical Association,Member,The National Association of Health Service Executives,Member,NAACP, Collaborator with the American Association of Medical Colleges, and has done major speaking engagements at many different institutions, including the Institute of Healthcare Improvement, National Medical Fellowship, American Medical Writers Association, National Medical Association
National association of Health Service Executives and Northwell Health Systems.

Improving Patient Engagement & Cultural competence

Training Program

As healthcare continues to be transformed, patient engagement is the change agent for improving clinical care, increasing revenues related to value based payments and patient satisfaction scores (HCAHPS).

Patient Engagement & Cultural Competence

Understand culturally about the patient community that we serve: Get to know and understand the perceptions versus reality about the population served.

Human Experience

Understand culturally about the patient community that we serve: Get to know and understand the perceptions versus reality about the population served.
Conscious and Unconscious Bias
Health Professional need recognize that our beliefs and attitudes, conscious or unconscious can have a positive or negative impact on: Patient care and compliance, The patient experience, Self-management Health outcomes
Health Outcomes
Improve the health outcomes for the Elderly Black Population: Learn to respect and understand the individual’s cultural beliefs regarding their health and maintain and heighten patient value


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Dr. Mauvareen Beverley



Dr. Beverley was the key person responsible for coordination of appeals challenging medical necessity denials among an 11-hospital system resulting in over $40M in revenue. She understands the process, is passionate about what she does and gets results. See will rewrite
I have worked with Dr. Beverley during my tenure at Kings County Hospital. Dr. Beverley is somebody who has sincere dedication to the city that she serves. Dr. Beverley's devotion is illustrated through her sensitive nature, knowledge and vision. Dr. Beverley is inspiring, passionate and a great asset to the organization. I am honored to have worked and know Dr. Beverley

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