Conscious and Unconscious Bias

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The impact of Conscious and Unconscious Bias

Is there a correlation between Conscious and Unconscious Bias as it relates to communities with the worse health outcomes (e.g., African American/Black Communities)?

What is the impact of Conscious and Unconscious Bias with patient engagement, patient experience, and health outcomes?

How do we address it?

To address Conscious and Unconscious Bias, it is imperative that perception versus reality of the population served be addressed. If the perception is different than the reality and clinical care is delivered based on “perception” then it is possible that disparity in healthcare will continue to be pervasive.

One of the solutions to resolve the perception-reality issue as well as Unconscious Bias might be to know the individual whom happens to be a patient by the use of the Spot Check Methodology.

Apply the Spot Check Methodology to possibly address the concept of Unconscious Bias.

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